Smoothie Recipe: Coco Citrus Ginger with Lemon Grass

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A few weeks ago we held a recipe contest with our team of athletes and ambassadors on who could come up with the most interesting and compelling smoothie recipe.  We had some great entries, and were ultimately unable to decide on a single winner.  The first winner was a seasonally appropriate Shamrock Shake recipe from team member Kristi, and the recipe below was a late entry show stopper from team member Lilian.

One thing we love about this business and the community that is growing around it is that we get to put a product out into the market place, then see how people interact with it.  And often times (as in the case of this recipe) ideas are dropped in our lap that we simply would not have arrived at on our own.  

I am Southern California born and raised by white parents who were also Southern California born and raised.  A lot of the foods that I grew up making are decidedly shaped by "traditional" (whatever that means) California flavors, and heavily influenced by Mexican flavors.  That is just where my head resides most of the time.  Lilian is Asian American and brought some of those flavors to this recipe - the combination of citrus, lemon grass, ginger, and coconut is perfectly balanced, PACKED FULL of nutrition, and to me, tastes like a vacation in South East Asia in a glass.

Thanks, Lilian for creating and sharing this smoothie recipe, it's great!

Give it a try or spin off your own variation - there are no rules when it comes to smoothies.


10-12 oz coconut water

1 orange (peeled)

1 kiwi (peeled)

1/2 banana

1/2 lime 

2 T shredded coconut

1 1/2 inch piece of lemon grass stalk

1/2 inch piece of ginger

2 scoops Primo Smoothie

a little ice

Blend and enjoy!


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