New Chocolate Flavor Primo Smoothie in the Works

Posted by casey weaver on

We are excited to announce that a new flavor of our Primo Smoothie protein meal replacement shake is officially in the works (and going quite well, mind you!).  We are working on a chocolate flavor, tentatively being called "cacao sea salt" and are very happy with where we've gotten it so far.  We're currently doing some field testing on the flavor, but expect to see it available in about 3 months.

Like our natural vanilla flavor  Primo Smoothie meal replacement shake, it will be made with all natural flavors, and no artificial colors or sweeteners - what else would you expect?  This is perfect for blending with other ingredients (chocolate, peanut butter, banana anyone?) to give a nice, smooth chocolate flavor, but isn't something that tastes like an artificial chocolate bar.  

Keep an eye out on social media, our news letter (you can sign up at the top right of the home page), and other channels as we give updates on the new chocolate flavor progression and likely look for customer flavor testers in the near future!

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