In the Field: Visiting General Sherman...the Biggest Tree on Earth

Posted by casey weaver on

It almost sounds like hyperbole, or completely unbelievable, that there is in fact a "biggest tree on earth" and that you can just go visit it.  But there has to be, right?  You've probably just never considered it, and if you have considered it, just haven't taken the time to really look into it.  We are so used to over the top statements and exclamations (the craziest thing I've seen, the best restaurant in the world etc) in today's world where everyone is vying for attention (and clicks) that when you actually use a superlative to describe something on a universal scale - it can have the tendency to get glossed over.

Yes, The General Sherman tree in the Sequoia National Forrest is the biggest tree on earth, and for that matter, the biggest tree in the known universe (unless you know of some tree containing planet that we don't).  I am not a particularly spiritual person, but going and visiting the largest known single living organism in the universe is an undeniably powerful experience, if you stop to think about it for just a second.

We (at Field Work Nutrition) spend as much time as we can outside, appreciating the play places and beauty that nature provides us while riding our bikes, running on trails, surfing in the ocean etc.  Whether in the water, in the mountains or desert, or anywhere else under the sky, we have a connection to our natural world that we can often take for granted.  Visiting General Sherman is almost like visiting a grandparent or speaking with a world renowned authority on subject matter, it's like they just know things you don't from living out the course of their lives, and by being in their presence you are able to pick up on that information, if only by osmosis.  

Though not the tallest tree in the world (that honor goes to a coastal redwood, found further north in California), by volume, the General is absolute biggest.  If you happen to live in California or are visiting for whatever reason, a visit is certainly in order.  The tree itself is slightly out of the way for most people who are "just passing through," but with even a little bit of effort it can be reached and admired in a simple day trip if you are in the neighborhood. 

Of the countless (yes, literally countless) trees on our beautiful planet, to stand in the footprint of the "biggest" is something to be experienced and we hope you have the opportunity to visit the General.  If you appreciate nature and being outdoors as much as we do, it will be well worth your while.  We'll see you out there.

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