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We are excited to announce that we will be working with and supporting Team BlueLine Racing in 2018.  Team BlueLine is a non profit organization dedicated to raising money for the families of law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Team BlueLine was founded by Chad Wallace, who tells his story below.  Thank you to Chad and all TBL members and supporters for helping to make our communities a safer place for all of us.  Rep the Blue!
Can you give an overview of TBL - what is the background on the team, how and why did you guys come about, and when?
In 2015 I raced my first full Ironman, Ironman Maryland. During that year, I raced for my brother and sister in law's non profit, Just One Africa. They supply water filters to Kenya and help support an orphanage. They do so much in that country, I wanted to help do something for them. During that year, Law Enforcement really started to come under attack. I started to finish all my races with a BlueLine American Flag. I also felt that I didn't want to just talk about it on social media, I wanted to do something more.
After I finished IMMD with my flag and drawing some strong attention with it, I felt I could do more for my Law Enforcement Family. I really felt like God was calling me to start a non profit to help the families of the fallen and the injured officers. In 2016 I launched a Go Fund Me page to help raise the money needed to start the foundation. In less that 2 weeks all the money had come in. I also had a local Law Firm, Manning Peace Law Firm want to get involved. Without them handling the paper work, I would of had to pay a hefty amount of money for someone to do it.
On Jan 1st 2016 I started the process to start Team BlueLine. In April of 2016 we became an official 501C3 non profit with the IRS. Knowing how passoniate Endurance Athletes are, I started a race team out of the Non Profit to help with fundraising. Team BlueLine Racing started off with 12 police officers and families of officers to help the cause. By July of that year, we had reached 50. We are now over 100 strong who are committed to supporting our cause. You can find one of our racers on about every major Ironman, running event, and OCR course in the United States. Look for them caring a BlueLine Flag on the course or finish line.
As a police officer, why is this cause close to your heart?
Great Question! There are two major reason why this is close to my heart. Everyday police officers and deputy sheriffs around the US put on their badge and duty gear, kiss their family and pray they return home that night. We go out and serve our country and help protect where we work. If something was to happen to me at work, I want my wife and two little boys to be taken care of. I would want someone to reach out and let my kids know their daddy was a hero. To reach out to my wife and let her know that they have her back and financial needs. To know that even though my watch is over, they have it from here. To know in our family, No One Fights Alone. 
The other reason is this, you can complain about the problems or you can become part of the solution. No matter how you feel about law enforcement, just talking about it on social media does no good. Find peaceful ways to get proactive and help with your cause. I want to be a man of action not just a talker. I want my kids to see that serving others and helping those in need makes a difference in people. I want my law enforcement family to know the fallen are not forgotten and the injured will be taken care of. We race for those who can't "#RepTheBlue."
Have you personally known any officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty?  What kind of effect did that have on their families and the people close to them?
I have, a co-worker's father was killed in the line of duty. I have also gotten close with many families who have lost a husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter. Not sure words can describe the effect. The sudden loss of any family member has a deep impact on the family. A child will never have the chance to play, dance, hug, or kiss a parent. A spouse will never have the chance to hold their loved one again. A parent will never see their child raise a family, and has to know the pain of outliving a child. Time heals, but the scars will remain. 
Why do you think triathlon is a sport law enforcement officers are drawn to?
Triathlons are an incredible test of endurance and determination. I will take it further than triathlon though, I will take it to all endurance sports. For law enforcement it is a chance to get the mind off of work and to help remove some of the stress we deal with on a day to day basis  For me its an opportunity to work on mental toughness. You are starting to see more and more LEO on race courses around the United States. OCR events have a huge Law Enforcement showing. 
What is the most courageous thing you've seen on the job?  What is the most courageous thing you've seen in sport?
I see courageous men and women put their lives on the line every day who run to the fight to save a stranger. Every day officers answer calls knowing they could very well be injured or killed. Men and women who kept going to the gunfire to save their fellow humans, such as the officers in Las Vegas, Dallas, and Baton Rouge. 
I have seen many courageous things in endurance sports. Many that have moved my emotions, even to tears. To see my Team BlueLine Racers finish a race with a injury just to carry that BlueLine flag across the finish line. To limp across the line proudly showing our flag, knowing a brother or sister who has been killed or injured would do anything to be in the same place. To see people like my friend Matt Miller from BASE guide a visually impaired athlete on a course.  To see men and women in wheel chairs racing past you on the course, that gets me cheering in the middle of a race.
I would say the most impactful thing I have seen that motivated me was Team Hoyt. The sacrifice for his son, that impacted a sport! Those people are courageous, those who make a difference on a sport!
What are your goals for TBL in 2018? 
I want to continue to see Team BlueLine Racing grow and provide more fundraising for Team BlueLine. I want people to see our racers on the course and it motivate them to get involved with us. I want to see the non profit raise over $100,000  this year. To help families this year and the families we will help on the years to come. I want to see more Law Enforcement Officers get involved and to see their lives changed. I want us to continue to raise awareness  for our cause, for people to see LEO as the hero's they are. 
Where do you want the team to be in 5 years?
I would love to see the team grow to 500 plus in the next 5 years. On the triathlon side, I want to see the World Championship course flooded with blue. In our 2nd year of racing we had 4 on the 70.3 World Championship Course and 1 in Kona. I want to see 5 to 10 athletes on the Kona course each year. I want the tri world to see the flag and know what it means! We already have several racers doing Boston this year and other large marathons. I would love to see that continue. Our OCR team is making a huge impact and drawing racers to the team each race. I would love to see them at over 100 racers alone. I would love to see people who are not active at all get motivated by our cause and get out and get healthy. To join our team fundraising, making a difference in their lives and others. 
Why are you excited to be partnered with Field Work Nutrition in 2018?
I am always excited to partner with companies who are excited about what we do. When they have an incredible product that is healthy and helps the athlete, its a double win! The first time I talked with Casey, I was super impressed with not only his product, but who he is as a person. His desire to help families and the goals with Field Work Nutrition. After trying the smoothies, I knew he had a great thing going. I am excited about the partnership that is growing with both companies. 
Anything else you'd like to add - the floor is yours
I would like to thank everyone who took time to read this to learn more about Team BlueLine. If you would like to get involved with us by racing or just donating, please let me know. We are a 501C3 non profit and all donations are tax deductible. When on the course and you see one our racers, yell loud, "Rep The Blue!" Its how we cheer each other on. We represent our Blue family! 

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